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I've long wondered what your thoughts were (being provocative? strict adherence to "the text"?) on this stuff. So I appreciate hearing your stance on this and, as one who hasn't had the opportunity to catch you all in your truest form, I appreciate hearing how your singing of these lyrics has evolved...

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Living artists channel traditional forms individually. It is an intensely personal translation of historic information. I gave a flip comment on another post, "accuracy is overrated." For accuracy, we have museums and static displays of a snapshot in time. Living artists bring authenticity. You are not a photocopier. You do not need to stifle your voice for the sake of history. You are this side of the story, reflecting what remains constant and what has changed in the ongoing themes. Rock on.

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Change em, Change em all to fit in our safe space! ...and repaint over all those godless genitals in the sistine chapel while yer at it!

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