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This page is about THE DREADNOUGHTS and it features OUR STORIES and OUR OPINIONS and OUR MUSIC.

To be honest, this doesn’t bode well: you should probably subscribe to someone else, like maybe a foodie substacker who gives you hints on how to make a lobster alfredo in just under 17 hours, or some loudmouthed political grifter who will allow you to feel Righteous Anger against the Bad People every week.

But if you’re one of the 18 weirdos who might actually LIKE this sort of thing? All aboard!

Why subscribe?

If you pay us 5.00/US a month, that’s money you’ll never see again. It’s gone, vanished into some stranger’s bank account where it will probably just be used to order real cider from the UK (and maybe France and Spain). Why would you do this?

Well… listen to the music.

Now, imagine having an insider’s look at how the music gets made; the philosophy behind it, the old demo versions, the in-process stuff broken down and analyzed. Imagine hearing conversations with other folk-punk musicians about the genre. Imagine having discussions with other like-minded music fans and broadening your horizons.

… Is that worth 5.00/US a month? No, not really, it’s probably more like 1.99. But hey! Give it to us anyway! Bastards!

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A world-core cluster-folk punk band who have been playing polkas, sea shanties, waltzes and klezmer-ish tunes since 2006. Also we drink real cider. Also we suck